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Lighted Churches/Religious  Pictures & Prints
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  Whether you are religious or not, everyone can recognize a church. Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Methodist, Greek Orthodox, Catholic, Judaism, Baptist or Lutheran, every religion has it’s own style and shape of church or place of worship. They are designed to bring people together to have fellowship and pray. Some have magnificent stained glass windows that depict holy events like the crucifixion or Jesus’ birth but others are small country churches while some don’t look like churches at all.

  Religious prints are decorative and make beautiful accents to any home or office. With all of our prints, we add just the right touch of lights to bring the print to life and make them look warm and inviting. Each is hand crafted in solid oak or walnut frames and have two mats in your choice of colors to add even more beauty to your lit print. They make great gifts too.

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